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Monica has a very pro-active press profile, writing and contributing to leading features on health and lifestyle across national newspapers, magazines and websites as well as appearing on the airwaves. These include BBC Radio 4, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Express, The Observer, The Telegraph, Stella magazine, The Mirror, You Magazine, Metro, Red and Woman & Home.

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  3. Cosmopolitan Magazine

    Your Health Problems Solved
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    Hypnotherapy & Junk Food
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Re-printed from Ham & High...

Smoking, stuttering, fears and phobias can all be cured and managed by hypnotherapy.
In fact just a few sessions can help people regain control of their lives and rebuild their confidence.

Monica Black, who runs Hampstead Hypnotherapy at the Dental and Medical Centre, in Heath Street, has been helping people for five years.

She is a master clinical hypnotherapist, stress management coach and NLP and EFT practitioner. She said that if people are nervous about trying hypnotherapy they should just give her a call.

"If you are worried have a long chat with me and we can go through and explain how it works. It is just a very nice state of relaxation and you are aware of everything. You are in control and can stop at anytime you like. I am not going to make you cluck like a chicken. I can't make you do anything you don't want to do that is against your core belief - that is why it is so safe."

Over the years she has helped smokers quit, cured people of bad habits such as thumb-sucking, worrying and nail biting and helped people deal with phobias of flying, the dentist, animals and public speaking.

She added: "It is good for all sorts of things including smoking, agoraphobia and fears and phobias. It can help you become the you that you always wanted to be."

Case Study By Matt Eley, reporter Ham & High ...

After an hour in Monica Black's company I went from being a 15-a-day man to a non-smoker and what's more I left with every confidence that I will never be a smoker again. That was nearly three months ago and despite the temptations of Christmas and the party season I have not so much as looked at a smoker with envy.

During the 10 or so years that I regularly smoked I tried every available method to quit but was never convinced I could do it. The difference with hypnotherapy is that providing you genuinely want to give up it actually becomes enjoyable to do so.

The process of being hypnotised is also nothing to be scared of. You feel completely relaxed but also totally in control of what is going on. By just being in this relaxed state and being talked to the smoker's entire perception about the habit can change.

In that hour I went from worrying that smoking forms an important part of my identity and that I would never have a good night out again to realising just how ridiculous those thoughts were and the cost of the session is not prohibitive either. At £175 to £205 it is cheaper than anywhere on Harley Street and, more significantly, it is less than a 20-a-day smoker would spend on cigarettes in two months.

As well as the obvious health and cash benefits by giving up by using hypnosis the cravings for nicotine are seriously reduced.