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This Workshop has been designed especially for Parents or carers who have children with a challenging behaviour, whether that be a very stroppy child, to those who have ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Downs Syndrome etc.

I conduct this Workshop with my colleague Soli Lazarus of Yellow Sun www.yellow-sun.com

Soli is a qualified teacher with some 30 years experience; specialising in Inclusion, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Developmental Delay, Communication and Learning Difficulties, Down’s Syndrome and Dyslexia. She has a senior role in a London mainstream primary school and has attended courses, workshops and has herself run training and planning sessions. She is very happily married to Steven with two grown-up children. Her son has ADHD. As an aside, her real name is Suzanne but she was given the nickname Soli (from the French soleil) in her teens for her positive, sunny outlook on life – hence Yellow Sun!

The Workshop is in 2 parts.

In the first half, I deal with our Stress Response. I will teach you how to be mindful and live a stress-free life.

I will show you 3 simple techniques to put you in a relaxed state – so that when problems arise with you child, you will have practical tools and knowledge to overcome them.

In the second half Soli, takes the parent/carer through her 10 Top Tips.

You will learn 10 Top Tips to help manage your child’s challenging behavior.

Tips which can be implemented immediately to make a massive difference to your home life.

You will have opportunity to meet other parents and share experiences so that you know you are not alone.

You will have opportunity to personally ask us any questions and will get sensible, practical answers.

So, armed with tools to help you manage your child’s behaviour and manage your stress levels, you will leave feeling inspired, energised and raring to go!

Time: 2hrs



This Workshop has been designed for those who are struggling to manage their work time. Bad time management leads to heightened stress levels, and heightened stress levels lead to bad time management, and so the cycle continues.

I conduct this Workshop with my colleague Hazel Theocharous of Learn, Grow Transform – www.learngrowtransform.com

Hazel is an enthusiastic Aussie multi-tasker who swapped down under for the UK in 2013.

The second thing you should know about her is that she loves making businesses more efficient and aligned helping all business owners enjoy greater business growth and transformation. Why?  Because she’s run her own since 2007.

Although every business and every business owner is different, one thing we share is the desire to succeed.

We want to achieve everything we dream about. Don’t you agree?


A little bit of background

Hazel has worked in small to large businesses for over 20 years in a range of different industries. So with all of this experience, it enables her to help you, because she understands how different sectors work.

She is also a Mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Her two boys are her pride and joy, so she created her business around them and their needs, thus she understands what many of you have to balance with your working life.

Since starting her own business, she has worked with small businesses through to multi-million dollar businesses, creating efficient aligned systems and structure leading to even greater profitable turnovers.

Hazel wants to empower business owners to feel confident and focused, instead of confused or scared to ask for help. She uses her skills, experience and – most importantly – patience to review, analyse and recommend on all areas of your business helping you achieve what you need and want – Business Growth.

Time: 2hrs

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