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Flip - hypno-birthing

Flip had extensive pre hypno-birthing as she was planning a natural birth. However, she was suddenly rushed into hospital for an emergency caesarean (due to a rare but potentially fatal condition unbeknown to her) and had no pain control what so ever - in fact she was in total agony for a while. Flip - hypno-birthing Fortunately she used the hypno skills she had previously been taught for pain management and gave birth to a healthy baby daughter.

Flip says "Despite what I went through I would certainly recommend self hypnosis to anyone considering either a natural child birth or a caesarian. I wouldn't have missed the experience for the world and felt totally exhilarated!"

Jo - weight loss

Jo - before Actress Jo lost over four stone just through hypnotherapy. Originally 15 stone, over five months her weight went down to 11 stone and she is still loosing the pounds. She had tried every diet but just couldn't shift the weight she had put on through over eating and having two children.

Jo - after Jo says: "Working with Monica really helped transform my life and get my diet and weight back on track. It feels great to be in control of the food choices I make and I've never looked or felt better thanks to Monica."

Louise - shopping addiction

Finance manager, Louise started her shopping addiction after she became single following the break up of a long-term relationship. Stress and sometimes boredom were the main triggers for the addiction Louise - shopping addiction which before long became a major dominating issue in her life. Last year alone she racked up debts of more than £10,000 and so far this year she has spent over £6,000.

After about four sessions with Monica, Louise learnt to shop consciously without guilt or unnecessary spending. She buys when she can afford it and when she deserves a treat - and not a credit card in sight! What's more, hypnotherapy has taught her how to expel her stress.

Louise says, "Hypnotherapy is not a quick fix, it's a lifestyle change. Hypnosis is a tool to help you achieve your goal and it certainly benefited me!

Tavy - quit smoking

PR consultant, Tavy smoked from the age of 17 until she was 32 with one break of a year and a half when she was 27.Tavy - quit smoking The reasons for starting again relate to stress, the death of her Grandfather and a traumatic break-in at her house.

Tavy explains, "Two hours with Monica and I was reformed. I put the cigarettes down. I kept waiting for the urge to pick them up, especially with alcohol but this never came. I must admit I was surprised as I didn't know much about hypnotherapy and didn't know how it could possibly work to overcome what I believed to be a physical need. But it did! My main focus was to be a smoke free and fragrant bride and with my forthcoming wedding. I am thrilled."

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